The City

The City from Fight Club is a fictional city in the United States on planet Earth, and main setting of the 1999 film Fight Club.


Like Se7en, another film directed by David Fincher, the city is unnamed in an unknown state, yet real life cities in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland are mentioned, giving speculation that the city is located in that area of the country.

Before a 1999 terrorist event known as 'Project Mayhem', the city had some crime, but not as much as in Se7en. Project Mayhem was conducted by an unnamed man under the alias Tyler Durden, which was a different identity and personality caused by insomnia. The man, as Durden, founded Fight Club, an underground organization in which people fight each other, and it eventually spread around the country. The members of Fight Club planted nitroglycerin into tall office buildings housing credit card businesses; the event would cause chaos and the possible fall of the economy. During Project Mayhem, buildings were also destroyed in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, and other cities.


Buildings explode in Project Mayhem.