Steelport is a fictional city featured in Saints Row:The Third and Saints Row IV. Steeport was founded in 1827 by blue collar industrialists and was named after Joe Steel. Steelport has become poorly financed due to economic failure this fact is made evident by slums and beggars that take residence in the city. The city consists of four main districts: Downtown in the center, New Colvin in the east, Stanfield in the north west and Carver Island in the south west. Additionally, Steelport has its own National Guard, located at Sierra Point. Steelport also has it's own international airport and a nuclear power plant. Steelport has a large statue of Joe Steel, the city's founder in the water to the south of the city.

Steelport is known for the large number of events it houses. Every year, a controversial wrestling event known as Murderbrawl is held at Steelport Arena. Steelport also annually holds a city-wide festival known as Genkibowl, where contestants are chosen to take part in events based on the popular TV show "Professor Genki's Reality Climax". The film "Gangstas In Space" was filmed in Steelport and was directed by Andy Zhen. The mayor of Steelport is famous actor Burt Reynolds.

Steelport has become increasingly dangerous over the years and has slowly fallen into the hands of the criminal organization, the Syndicate. This is evident with the Syndicate Tower and the neighborhood of Loren Square, named after the former leader of the Syndicate, Phillipe Loren. It is described by Shaundi as "Bangkok's abusive father". Steelport is most likely close to Stilwater (the city from Saints Row 1, and Saints Row 2), as the Saints are known in Steelport before their arrival, and many Planet Saints stores are dotted around the city, as well as the presence of Stilwater's radio stations and Ultor waste-disposal plants on Arapice Island. In 2011, The Third Street Saints were kidnapped by the Syndicate and were left stranded in the city. During Steelport's "Saints era", a crimefighting organization called STAG was ordered by Senator Monica Hughes to destroy not only the Syndicate, but the Saints as well. STAG, being unable to defeat the Saints, decided to turn to terrorism and tried to blame the Saints for blowing the statue of Joe Steel. After a STAG jet fell from the sky onto Arapice island, causing the STAG waste-disposal plants to leak and infect the residents of the island with a virus that turned them into zombies. After the Saints defeated STAG and the Syndicate, they returned home to Stilwater and left the city in great disrepair. The wreckage of Arapice island was not completely cleaned up until after the Saints left and the wreckage of the Thermopylae was left in the water.

Picture Edit

Joe steel

Statue of Joe steel based on the statue of Liberty.


Billboard with the Mayor, Reynolds.


Virtual Steelport, with the Zin's mothership hovering above it.


City Seal


Westley Cutter international airport.


Virtual Steelport in the 1950s.