San esporito

San Esperito

Not technically a city, but a fictional nation in Just Cause 1 video game. San Esporito used to be a republic with a Parliament and a previous president Hernan Augusto. Soon in 2006, Salvador Mendoza took power illegally and turned the Nation into a dictator ship. The government made a collaboration with the Montano Cartel for defence.There is 22 perishes with the capitol being Esperito City. After the 'Peoples Liberation army' In collaboration with a US Government Agency, defeat Mendoza, power is restored to Hernan Augusto. The nation is a tropical island area covered in jungles and small towns and villages. In the 1500s the area was inhabited by an Aztec like civilization.

Pictures Edit

Esperito City

The capitol, Espirito City.


Streets of the capitol


Wind farm in San Espirito


The largest factory in the country


The Beauty of San Esporito