Pacific City in 2008

Pacific City was a fictional city featured in the Xbox 360 games Crackdown 1 and 2. Pacific City is a cluster of 4 islands in the Atlantic Ocean and is dominated by corruption. Before the 1980s Pacific City was a thriving city until 3 gangs moved in, a Chinese gang called the Shai-Gen, a Russian Gang called the Volk and a Mexican Gang called Los Muertos (The Dead). Soon after a National Peace Organization 'The Agency' Set up HQ in the city in the central 4th island. The Agency trains genetically modified 'Agents' in 2008 to fight the Huge amount of crime in the city. The 3 islands desides the Agency Island are La Mugre, The Den and The Corridor. In 2010 a new threat arises after the Shai-Gens Attempt at genetically modifying creates a sort of zombie called 'Freaks', escape, they Start killing the Citizens. Soon they found they only come out at night so the citizens dont come out past 9:00. Soon a new united crime gang called 'the Cell' rose up to take over the newly weakened City, but the Agency was still there bringing an end to Pacific Cities Corruption problem. After the Freaks came the city also was greatly destroyed with most buildings being destroyed and whole roads filled with trash and debris, the citizens have a hard time getting around. Pacific Coty also doesnt have an airport. Also after the three Gangs are defeated in Crackdown 1, the districts are renamed Green Bay, Hope springs, and Unity Heights. Later in Crackdown 3, so far we know that Pacific City wont be featured.

Pictures Edit


The Map Of Pacific City

Deterr 2

A deteriorated Pacifc City in 2010.


On Street level


A show of the deterioration between 2008 to 2010.


The PC Capitol building now not in use.


Agency Tower in Pacific City


Agency Peacekeepers are the basic police force in PC. Theyre fighting Freaks here.


On a bridge from The Den to La Mugre.


The Industrial area in The Den district in 2008.