Gotham City

Modern Day Gotham

Gotham City is a large metropolis and the hometown to its richest resident, Bruce Wayne, also known by his vigilante alias Batman. It is known for an absurd amount of crime as it houses Batman's most dangerous foes and its gothic, griddy tone. in the 1800s it was founded by Henry Hudson and named for the 'warlock' Dr.Gotham that was buried there. Originally Gotham Town, Gotham spread and became to a super city today. It has many landmarks like the standium that was bombed by Bane in 2012 and the national park. Gotham has also been a huge spot of Zepplelin sport as the police and other people and companies use them. 2 NFL teams live in Gotham, The Rogues and the Knights. Corruption soon came to Gotham in the 1930s as the Mafia Flourished and it only got worse.For all this crime, Arkham Asylum was built and held Millions of insane people since the 1800s.

Pictures Edit


A Crowded street in Gotham City


Gotham City map in 1940s

Gotham license

Gotham License plate suggesting Gotham is a state.

Gotham car

Gotham in the early cartoons

Gotham capitol

The Gotham Capitol building.