the fortune city strip

Fortune city is a Fictional casino city in Nevada USA and is the main setting for Deadrising 2. It is a resort entertainment city with many attractions for the wealthy. The city isnt an actual city but a resort built in 1995 after las vegas was destroyed by nuke to destroy an outbreak there in 1992.Fortune City has many notable locations including the Fortune City Hotel, the Fortune City Arena, and the strip is ironically home to a shopping mall. Fortune City was chosen as the location for the latest installment of the controversial game show, Terror is Reality. Soon Fortune city, like Las Vegas became a site of zombie outbreak in 2011 and zombies attack and kill citizens. The outbreak was caused by a person at the Fortune city arena in the terror is reality game show ,which is about slaughtering the undead, releases the zombies used for the game show on the town. Military cleanup was sent 3 days later but failed so they sent Napalm to destroy the city to contain the zombies. The town had a functioning subway.

Pictures Edit


fortune city arena the start of the FC outbreak.


The entry to fortune city


fortune city seal


fortune city shops


map of fortune city (subway is not on the map)