For a free-to-edit list of writers in general, see list of authors.Fan fiction is a type of fan labor that mirrors or tries to expand Template:Show's universe by creating new prose stories about the show's characters, new "non-canon" characters, or both. Short stories are the most common, but novellas and novel-length works also exist, some of which have become popular enough to spawn numerous derivative works of their own). Fan fictions can attempt to come reasonably close to "canon" (the fictional history and characterizations presented in the show), or they can create an alternate universe which deviates significantly from the show. They can remain generally family-friendly, or add adult themes to the pony universe not present in the original show. Because the show is still ongoing, older stories frequently clash unintentionally with information established in later episodes. This will apply to fictional media (like the fictional cities, fictional universes and such)

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