Empire Bay is a fictional city on the East Coast of the United States of America, based on a combination of New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Detroit with elements from other US cities during the '40s and '50s, that serves as the setting for Mafia II. It features a completely open-ended map of about 4 square miles. The city also features sights based on famous landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. It was founded in 1547 by Giulio Contadino. It was a trading post at the mouth of the Culver river until it became a metropolis. in 1694 it was taken over by the british. John Stanmore (first mayor) would govern Empire Bay until 1734 before his resignation. It would remain under British rule until after the American Revolutionary War during which, the British used the city as a place to keep American Prisoners of War. Throughout the 19th century, during the immigration booms, many of the city's districts were formed around the waves of immigration. Examples are Kingston, built around the Irish immigration wave or Chinatown after the large Chinese immigration boom. Soon in the 1900s the city grew with modern innovations like culver dam and Empire Arms hotel. thoug influenced heavily by mafia corruption, the city thrives and remains a symbol of the American Dream. there are 3 different radio stations in the times the game takes place 1947-1953 showcasing nostalgic hits from the 20s to the 60s. In those times the city also was known to have over 7,000,000 citizens.

Photos Edit


A view from Oyster bay.


some peaceful residential areas show a bright future.

Map of the city

Map of the City




Empire bay viewed from Hillwood on a cloudy day.


Bustling downtown Empire


The culver river in the countryside outside the city with the Culver dam in the background.

Empire diner

Empire Diner one of many growing businesses in the 1950s Empire bay.


the american dream