Columbia is a fictional city floating in the sky. Commissioned by the United States government and founded by Zachary Hale Comstock as a symbol of American political and religious ideals. The city, capable of flight due to the scientific discoveries of physicist Rosalind Lutece, was completed in 1893, and seceded from the United States in 1902. It is the primary setting of BioShock Infinite. The city is designed from colonial and steampunk architecture and is a place of industry. Propellers and balloons help keep the city stable while quantam generators are what keep it afloat. The city is also designed with "rain-catchers" that collect water from precipitation in the clouds to keep the vegetation and populace supplied with water. Columbia is on a guided path as well for cities below to see as well as connectors for sections of the city to move independent.The U.S. government intended Columbia to be a showcase of American exceptionalism. Through tours across various countries and lands, America would be capable of spreading its vision of the future to others, as well as the American Dream. Roland Lutece found the 'Lutece particle' in 1897 supported by Richard Comstock, this helped launch Columbia. Soon Columbia was reveled to be a massive floating battleship which tore a hole in government between those who wanted Columbia back in the US and those who wanted it for war. Soon Columbia seceded and disapeared into the sky. Comstock now controlled the City/Nation. There is constant security on Columbia to protect the citizens and to keep a certain 'prisoner' from escaping. Columbia was the exact opposite of the previous Bioshock city, Rapture, which is deep underwater. Columbia is destroyed at the end of Bioshock:Infinite.

Photos Edit




The statue of Richard Comstock




One of the many floating houses in Columbia.


Columbia's US tour route

Sky beach

Battleship bay, a beach in the sky


The columbian flag, similar to Texas'.


A zeppelin in Columbia at night.


Poorer part of the city.


Bridges connected some parts of the city.


Columbia in the end.